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Masento Search operate a professional and open communicative style that is built on trust and mutual respect. Our team are committed to supporting and realising the career goals of each candidate and every opportunity you are presented with is diligently assessed on experience, technical proficiency and the cultural fit. The entire process is conducted with the strictest confidence.

Process management

We understand that a career move is an exciting but stressful time and it is important to make the right decision. The team’s passion and deep understanding of the IT and technology industry enables them to provide you with informed expert advice regarding available opportunities, expected renumeration and other personal requirements.

You will be supported throughout the entire process, receiving a thorough brief and debrief at each stage to maximise your chance of success. When you have your perfect role we can guide you through the resignation process with your current employer, through to the onboarding and commencement of the next exciting stage of your career.

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Masentó Search is trusted by large corporate organisations, consulting firms and software vendors operating around the world, to provide the very best talent. We work on truly innovative and transformative IT projects and programs, as well as in leadership and executive roles in and out of the boardroom.

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